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Rightwing nationalists likely to enter the Swedish parliament in upcoming general election

Posted in 1 on augusti 19, 2010 by pumadiary

Sunday, Sept. 19th 2010 means general election in Sweden.

In spite of the fact that the swedish equivalent to BNP – ”Sverigedemokraterna” (or ”SD”) has gained publicity greatly in national media in recent time – national NGO:s (or Non-Governmental Organisations, as it were (..) seem to stand single-handed in the effort of trying to prevent this populistic right wing extremist party from gaining a permanent place in parliament for the next 4 years.

How could this be?

Somehow the same old hobby-horses (taxes, employment first and foremost) have become the issues of an election that risk the possibility of make way for loudmouthed nationalists in the government.

, the strategy of ignoring the problems of integration, still comes across as the major technique when handling controversy in national debate on this side of the atlantic ocean. At the same time, it’s rather suprising how few violent actions occurred in a country with a number of (racial) segregated areas in the outskirts of every major city. Thus, we as citizens, can hardly remain surprised to see nationalists entering the political arena.

Most of the prominent countries in Europe have experienced warfare during the last century. Sweden has not, in any direct fashion. At the same time, the nation faced a large amount of incoming refugees during the last couple of years, due to several ongoing battles worldwide (Irak and Somalia amongst others).

Isn’t it surprising that so little have been stated about these matters while the SD gained support and new ground claiming all issues concerning immigrants as their own?

Surely – it would be possible to reclaim these subjects for the established parties – always struggling to embrace the ignorant voters in the last minute? For the time being, the (currently leading) conservative party ”Moderaterna” and their leader Fredrik Reinfeldt (much like David Cameron) invested a great deal of time to rather transform as the social democrates instead by taking over their political foundations (or was it in fact the other way around 😉 – the social democrates suddenly turning into a giant liberal chameleon?).

While the established parties find themselves busy looking to the middle at the same time, why on earth is all we do to stand back and look while the nationalistic villains enters the precious corridors of power? After entering the political arena once and for all, how can we make sure they will ever leave again.

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